Winter Training Tips

Winter is here!  Continue to enjoy the outdoors with your furbaby.  Larger dogs are generally more receptive to cold weather but dogs of all sizes and breeds need to be protected from extreme temperatures and weather conditions….namely frostbite and hypothermia.  Don’t assume because you have a furry dog that it is protected from the elements.  Some canines still do better wearing a sweater or protective coat.  But by all means, continue to exercise and enjoy the snowy weather with your canine companion.  Consider taking their favorite ball or Frisbee outdoors for play.  Finding a toy in a bed of snow adds more challenge to the game.  Keep mindful of the time spent outside, though, as their ears, paws, and tail can suffer from frostbite.  Speaking of paws, winter roads and sidewalks are sometimes treated with elements that contain salt or other harmful ingredients, especially if ingested.  Wiping off their paws after exposure and treatment of dry, cracked pads will help keep your furbaby happy and healthy.

Speaking of healthy, have you tried making homemade dog treats while trying to stay warm inside?  Why not try a few of these super easy recipes on!

Check back for other general tips for safety or training of your dog

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