KPT (Kindergarten puppy training)

KPT is for dogs under 7 months of age (occassionally a puppy older than 7 months will be in this class, but that is on a case by case instance). Socialization is the primary focus of this class along with basic commands such as coming when called, sit, down, stand and walking on a loose leash. The idea of STAY is introduced in this class. Owners are educated on the stages of development a dog goes through. This class is geared towards giving the puppy and its owner a good foundation for the next class level which is called Basic Obedience.

Classes are typically one hour sessions. once a week and 7 weeks in length at the McVeytown Ballfield building.  A certificate of completion will be presented at the last day of training.

$80.00 Non-members

$40.00 Members

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