Our Story

“The club was formed in 1988 to help educate the public and to provide a source of continuous education for its members. Its main objective is obedience training with progression of our own training techniques and education.”
It all began with a simple ad in the paper asking for anyone interested in forming a dog club to phone Rhonda Kuhn, and on a very cold night the founding members met at the Lundvall horse barn. A humble start for these dog lovers, but it has since gone on to include conformation showing, agility, rally, herding, tracking, field training, pet training for the public, therapy dog visits, rabies clinics, public awareness days and school demos.

Our Approach

We, the members of The Mifflin County Dog Training Club (MCDTC), recognizing the value of having well-trained pets, and wishing to pass that knowledge on to the public agree:
A. To promote an active interest in, and a public appreciation of, the breeding of AKC (American Kennel Club) and UKC (United Kennel Club) recognized purebred dogs, studying, owning, showing and obedience training of all dogs.
B. To educate the public in all phases of being a responsible dog owner.
C. To conduct and support obedience classes, canine learning, exhibitions, and seminars.
D. To provide the facilities for and make possible the training of dogs under the supervision of a qualified trainer or trainers.
E. To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of all breeds and to encourage sportsmanlike competition in dog training and at dogs shows and obedience trials.
Spring Basic 2018